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Our Story

Magnetic Tides is a new biotech company based in Berkeley, CA, created to develop a novel method of non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS).  NIBS provides a safe method to produce transient changes in activity within the human brain.  By targeting the stimulation, NIBS offers a powerful research tool to study brain-behavior relationships and, importantly, has been recognized as having tremendous potential as an intervention in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Our new NIBS method emerged from a collaboration between neuroscientists, physicists, and engineers at UC Berkeley. Magnetic Tides was created to develop this technology, initially in research in healthy individuals to define the efficacy of the technology and then to conduct clinical trials in neurological and psychiatric populations.

Based on the promising results observed in our initial studies with this technology, Magnetic Tides has received major funding from the National Institute of Health to support our development plan over the coming years. 

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