Our team


Ludovica Labruna


Dr. Ludovica Labruna is the CEO of Magnetic Tides. She is a neuropsychologist with expertise in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) techniques and cognitive rehabilitation. Her research focus has been on understanding individual differences in the efficacy of NIBS methods. 

Rich Ivry

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Prof. Richard Ivry has been on the Berkeley faculty since 1991. To study various aspects of human performance, his lab uses multiple cognitive neuroscience tools including brain stimulation (tES and TMS), neuroimaging, and behavioral work involving patients with neurological disorders. 

Daniel Sheltraw

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Dr. Daniel Sheltraw has expertise in magnetic resonance physics, applied mathematics and control systems engineering.  His research, focused on solving the physics and engineering challenges of extending TMS and tES systems beyond their present capabilities, led to the development of kTMP, our innovative NIBS method.

Christina Merrick


Dr. Christina Merrick is an expert in electrophysiological recording methods including non-invasive methods such as EEG and invasive methods obtained from subdural cortical electrode arrays (electrocorticography: ECoG) and subcortical depth electrodes (stereo EEG: sEEG) in humans